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Interviews, Cooking shows, Fitness Routines, Lookbooks, E-Commerce, Editorial, Arthouse films, Music Videos, and whatever you want to use it for.




Space calendar is up to date so feel free to book if it says it's open.  THere is no need to message me and ask if it's really open when it says its open.  

Close to nice restaurants such as Wurstkuche, Manuela, Bavel, Arts District Brewery, Salt and Straw and other arts district attractions.   

Neighborhood is a gentrified and gritty old building mix. With plenty of outside shooting possibilities.  Shooting at the apartment complex without clearance from management is prohibited. But I always shoot around the neighborhood for stills, there's a tons of great spots, with new buildings, graffiti and murals, old buildings and interesting bridges and alleyways.

Windows are west facing and get direct light in the morning and no direct light in the afternoon.

EQ List

EQ List included at no extra charge:

1.)    4 Godox Strobe Heads 400 w/s - Bowens Mount
2.)    6 200 Watt LED (21000 Lumens) Neewer Daylight Balanced Continuous Lighting with 
        Bowens Mount.
3.)    2 C stands
4.)    6 Sand Bags
5.)    3 Rolling C Stands
6.)    6 10 ft Light Stands
7.)    12 Foot Ladder
8.)    2 6 Ft. White Umbrellas
9.)    2 2ft. Octaboxes with grid
10.)  2 3ft Octaboxes with grid
11.)  1 7 ft Octabox
12.)  2 V Flats
13.)  500 watt LED “Skypanel” bicolor fully dimmable. 
14.)  Removable 5 burner propane range for cooking show use. You may place on the island so 
        you can face the camera while cooking. (See photo).

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