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Commercial Shoot Production Studio Rental

Finding the right space for your upcoming commercial production is certainly a match-making process. The location has to feel right for your work, but the space also wields its own influence over your end goal’s visual presence. To that end, we tastefully maintain one of the most flexible commercial shoot production studio rentals in Los Angeles, CA. Continue reading to discover what makes our space so versatile and charming. 

Classic Yet Adaptable Looks


Being in the heart of Los Angeles, we understand the trends of tastemaking in one of the United States’ cultural hubs. We intentionally fashioned our production studio to reflect the interior design that supports plenty of natural lighting and space, yet offers a cultivated ambiance for modern presentations. Your TV ad, photography session, or other business creation will find a perfect home here.  

Convenient On-Site Amenities  

Nothing makes work easier than having the secondary facilities you need on-site. You won’t need to leave our commercial shoot production studio in search of a restroom, shower, dressing room, or meeting room, because all these features come with your rental. We also provide a convenient makeup and hair station, so your stylist (or your client) doesn’t need to bring their own. 

The complete kitchen included in any Studio West or full studio rental is a popular feature when needed, and attracts multiple clients for returning reservations. Wi-Fi access comes included in any reservation as well, allowing you to keep up with last-minute adjustments and project communications.   

Plenty of Lighting  

Since our location was originally constructed for industrial purposes, the large windows and spacious floors lend themselves to effortless lighting throughout the entire day. Plus, we’ve fitted diffusion silks across each of the windows so you can soften direct sunlight whenever you need to. The generous floor plan of our facility also makes for the perfect evening and night time shooting angles with man-made lighting.  

At Arts District Daylight Studio, you’ll find everything you need in an outstanding commercial shoot rental space. Book your favorite studio block today!

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