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Fashion Shoot Studio Rentals

From boutique suppliers to mid- or large-scale fashion designers with multiple models, we can accommodate any needs you have at LA Daylight Studio. We’ve committed to providing the ideal fashion photography studio for industry professionals of all kinds. Creating your dream fashion shoot is more than possible at our fashion shoot studio rental in Los Angeles, CA. Read below for details about our space.  


Adjustable Lighting and Drapery 


Whether you’re looking for visuals that are lofty and celestial or subdued and even brooding, you can easily achieve it here. Our gorgeous windows bring fresh sunlight all day long from the north and west sides. Need less than complete natural lighting? No problem. Use our silk diffusion shades to adjust the level of light to your liking.  

Chic Ambiance


One of the prominent aspects of our fashion shoot studio rental in Los Angeles, CA, is the stylish décor we’ve brought together over the years. Filled with neutral, Earthy hues that perfectly complement blues and whites, our rooms are the perfect backdrop for any fashion outfit. LA Daylight Studio makes way for crystal clear, yet relaxed photos that will please any designer.  

Variable Props and Fixtures 

Living and working in LA ourselves, we understand the importance of achieving optimal branding for any of your visual assets. While the right model and outfit are necessary in the fashion world, sometimes it takes an enhanced atmosphere to perfect a shot. All our fashion shoot studio rentals come with adjustable backgrounds, sets, furniture, and boxes so you can capture exactly what you’ve envisioned from the start.  

Neighborhood Benefits 

While the interior of our rentable studio is impressive, you should also consider the surrounding features and landmarks. Do you need a metal wall for edgier looks? You’ll find them nearby. Back alleys or building walls with mural art? Those are covered too. Be sure to explore our surroundings so you don’t miss out on anything!  

Ready to begin? Visit our studio availability page for up-to-date info about open slots. We look forward to serving you!

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